Center speaker for Audio Physic Virgo 3?

Does anybody know if the Celsius II matches the Virgo 3's timbre or tonality for seamless integration? Audio Physic is going to release a new matching center speaker this summer for Avanti 3 and Virgo 3 but it's going to be expenssive around $3000.
Royy, you might want to call or write to Sedrick Harris, the rep for Immedia which distributes the Audio Physic line in the US. An exceptionally pleasant and helpful gentleman, he also writes for I think he'd give you the straight scoop. (386-753-0762 &
To all Audio Physic Virgo 3 owners: I wanted to share what I just found out the best matching speaker for the Virgo 3; ELAC center speakers. Three model of your choice 203 JET Center, 555 Center and the Top of the line 557 Center These models will all match seamlessly with the Virgo 3's because they have the same timbre and tonality. Whenever I do the sound test it sounds like there are three Virgo 3's when using the ELAC as the center speaker. The 557 Center is the best and it is half the price of the new Audio Physic Avanti Center which will be released this summer.
Check their website:
These speakers are amazing.