Center speaker - Dynaudio Contour vs ATC C3C

Hi guys, I am trying to make out my mind between the two.
The speakers are both used and are similarly priced.
The ATC is harder to drive, but unlike the Dynaudio can be Bi-amped if needed (2X100w channels).
Any recommendations about which to choose? (preferably from someone who had had the chance to hear them both under the same conditions).

Center should match L & R. Another Aurum Cantus Volla would be perfect, or at least a center from Aurum. You could try phantom center unless you are sitting off axis. Nevertheless, a different brand will be detrimental to the overall imaging of the front.
I am not buying another pair to use a single speaker as a center, they are not sold in singles. and they are also beyond my budget. Plus, I have size limitations.
There is no AC Rythm available here, hence one of the alternatives in the headline would have to do.
Anyone has experience with the ATC?
Update - went for the ATC. Love it.
After some calibration works like a charm, much more coherent than before. Dialogues are crisp and clear.
Now is the time to think about upgrading the surrounds..