Center needed in small rooms ?

In a small room and in the case the listener is placed at the center of the room, is a center speaker really essential ? I've Martin Logan SL3 as front speaker. So the center would be The Cinema wich is hard to place as it is a quite big one. Is there a real difference at the listening ?
Generally I would say yes.I underdtand I haven't been in your room.But the center speaker adds to the experiance.I assume you have a pro logic, dd or dd,dts processor.I also assume you are using a by-pass mode. It helps greatly.Also as a side benifit late nights you can up the vol for center only.It allows the dialog to be heard seprately from the other loud effects,making it easier to hear dialog
I think it is a MUST if you are into home theater with AC3 or DTS! About 90% of a movie soundtrack are comming out from the dedicated center channel, how much do you think you are missing if the center channel information are re-mix into the left and right speakers. I am amberrassed one time that after half way thrn the movie, I discovered that my left and right speakers are not turned on.
MHO, if these are the conditions: 1. a small room 2. especially if in nearfield listening (less than 7 ft), 3. careful and optimal speaker placement Then, a center channel is not a MUST. That of course, also providing that you have a superb/excellent processor and preamp. I can say that from experience of owning planars (ML and Maggies) which are different from direct-radiating speakers. So, the answer to your question ("Is there a real difference at the listening ?"), I'd say,"Not really!" MHO, hope it helps