center for polk sda crs+

I have an old set of Polk sda crs+ speakers. I wanted to use them for a HT set up, without the crossover cable. Any advice on a good, reasonably priced center to go with them?
Without the cable connected you will only have one driver per cabinet working, not good! There's no reason you can't use the cable in an HT set up. As for a center, get another set of CRS+'s and mod the crossover of one so that both drivers work, problem solved.
hmmm,odd idea with the sda's,correct me if im wrong but isnt the whole point of the connecting cable to power the speaker's with a blended left & right signal while the non connected driver's have a normal stereo left & right signal being sent to them?

without the cable your losing most of your driver's & with the cable both the left & right speaker's will be getting a blended signal,im curious as to how that would work out in a 5.1 setting.
Thanks. The reason for not using the cable is that I don't have it. I'm sure I could get one somewhere. If I decided to sell (without the cable), what do you think I could get for them?
You can make a cable out of any wire. With the pin/blade model you need to run a wire from the pin to pin only, the blade is used for support only. With the blade/blade model you need to run wire to both slots.

I know a good number of folks running SDA's in a HT set up, awesome is the best description. Polk's $18K SRT set up uses SDA technology.