Center for B&W HT System

I am currently using an htm 1 with sig. 805 as fronts and nautilus 805 for surrounds. Works well in HT, but for Trifield from my meridian pre/pro the tone is off between the center and fronts. Thinking of changing to a single sig. 805 for center that will sit on top of my tv as the htm does. Opinions are appreciated.

Center speakers are marketing gimicks for the most part. Match all your speakers including the surrounds if possible. I think you will be pleased with the results.
I use HTM1 with my four 805s. It sounds fantastic.

I am using the HTM2 with N803 front and N805 in the rear with execelent results. Try placing the HTM1 on cinder blocks below the TV as one option. This is a cheep experiment. (You may be getting unwanted cabinet resonance because of your speaker location.)

There are many other issues that also could have an affect.

In no particular order.
Are all the cables the same.
Are your amps the same.
Is any equipment fairly new. (Burn-in) I find the B&W line to continue to burn over an extended period of time reguardless of what the book says.

You can try swaping the fronts for the rears and see what kind of sound reproduction you get in the Trifield mode.

With your current set up listen to some concerts in 5.1 and see if you notice the tonal difference. If you can't or don't the Meridian may be the issue.

There are to many possibilities to come to a logical conclusion.

Please post your results with the above. People in this forum should be able to help better than I with more information.

Remember to take the system as a whole.