Center for B&W CWM8.3

Hey all, I'm new around here:-)

So I've recently installed a set of Bowers & Wilkins CWM8.3's in the wall as my Left & Right for home theater.

For various reasons the center speaker will not be in the wall. So I'm looking for a center that will match the CWM8.3's fairly well. I'm considering :
* CMC2
* HTM1 Nautilus
* CT8 CC (if i can find a used one)

Thoughts? Am I on track? Others I should consider?

Consider not using a center channel! Jim Smith's book of set up tips, Get Better Sound, is a terrific buy and full of good ideas. One of those is to not use a center speaker, if your AV receiver can give you the option. For you, all you need to do is try it, no cost. Putting a vertical design on its side will not match anything else, I use five matching speakers myself. So, try going without and see. Better yet, bring in someone who doesn't care, who has no preconceptions, and see if it pleases them.