Center Channel with Revel M22s


I'm in the process of moving and will be downsizing in terms of living space etc, I'm looking for recommendations on a good center channel speaker to go with Revel M22's that I'll be using for the left and right channel and for music.

As an example another Audiogoner is selling in Revel C12 here. Would that be a good choice?

I'm using Integra 7.9 receiver

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Is there any reason you dodn't want a C32? That is the matched center for the M22 or F32. I am using the C32 with my F32/M22 setup and it voice matches perfectly.
Theo's answer is spot-on. The C32 is the timre-matched center for the M22s. The C52 uses a different wave-guide on the tweeter and is intended for the F52s.
Guys thanks - I hadn't thought of using the M22 as a center channel. Duh!

The reason I was asking about C12 was due to it being a lower price option.

Any comment on doing this?
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