Center Channel Upgrade Question

I currently have a 3.1 setup. JM Lab Electra 926"s for L/R mains, Chorus cc800 Center and Velodyne sub. It sounds pretty darn good. I do however want to upgrade my center channel. I have been looking at Profile cc908 and Electra cc901.....been looking at both used for about the same price. Which will best suite my system and sound best?

I appreciate all comments. Thank you!
I am also using CC800V for the center channel with Electra 1037BE for the fronts. Despite the CC800V's budget price and slight mismatching of drivers the combination sounds very coherent. For me CC1000BE is probably a better match but at much higher price.

What's the rest of your system? You have nice speakers. The money may be better spent on amplification and digital components for better overall return of the investment. If you already have identical amplification for three channels, then you should consider a matching center channel, in the Electra model line.
If you can accommodate the configuration, using three identical speakers across the front is ideal and avoids any of the problems with horizontal-array speakers.

I have owned the Electra cc901 and currently own the cc908 profile center. Both are great but I would have to give the 908 a significant edge for two reasons. Firstly I have found the 908 to provide more detail which is hugely important when watching movies. Secondly, the 901 is not ported and so it is huge and very heavy. The 908 is a more convenient size. I don't know if that matters to you but once I got the 908 I realized how much easier it can be fit anywhere, and since it's ported effectively I have noticed no comprimise in sound.