Center Channel Speaker

I am looking for opinions on center channel speakers. I currently am using a pair of Dunlavy SC4's for lefts and right centers. The rears are Vandersteen VSM Signatures. I am using an Arcam Receiver with the Dunlavys powered by a Classe 3oo watt amp. I am looking for another center speaker and wanted to get an idea of what is out there. Thanks
Another SC4 would be ideal.

A Dunlavy IV as a center? Good luck!

I would look at the Vandy center, it should work great.
I would stay Dunlavy since it's your l and r. And yes, another SC4 is ideal!! There have to be some Dunlavy's around that could be turned on their side and create a timbre match good enough. The Vandy surrounds are a moot point, IMO cuz the center needs to pan left/right more than front back.
I am using sc-4s left and right with sc-2's for four rears with SC-1 center to great satisfaction.
A sub supplies low effects. Highly recommended
Go with Elwood's idea or go with another Vandy. Some chesion is important there, latterally or front to back, but get some somewhere.
When I said good luck I meant size and buying just one, ofcourse its ideal but practical or economical?
Thats why I offered getting a Vandy.
What's "chesion?"

Likely "cohesion" as a typo
Oh. OK.