Center channel recommendatons for Dahlquist DQ-20

I'm a new guy (actually an oldguy who hasn't been paying attention for 20 years) who doesn't want to have to sell my old friends. I have my old DQ-20s from the 1980's and the only way I'm going to be able to keep them is to use them as mains for the home theater going in the basement rec-room of the new house we are building. I'm hoping to find a reasonably cheap solution for a center channel (less than the Regnar solution of ~$500). My goal is decent 7.1 home theater while maintaining my ability to sneak down there an listen when the kids aren't watching TV.


p.s. Any reason not to use in-walls for surrounds?
Mike- Best center channel for watching DVDs is none (IMHO). Set receiver or processor to phantom center channel; you won't miss anything. The phantom center channel will work well too for off axis viewers if your Dahlquist's image fairly well.
Thanks! I'll start there...of course, the price is right too. Appreciate the help.

I have DQ-20s and the Regnar center. Recently bought Definative Technology rears (model no. escapes me at the moment and I’m not at home right now). Their speakers seem to blend quite well with other un-colored speakers. You might shop for a Def Tech center in your price range.
As someone sho's been an audiophile and hometheater builder for years, I recommend against trying to match a center(it can't be done correctly). You'll be better off getting all matching speakers across the L/C/R, or just doing 2 speakers, a pre/pro/amp combo, and a sub.(2.0)