Center channel question ?

Now that i have a modded 563A, I'm interested in upgrading my center channel, and eventually rears, for not just my HT but MC music. You can see my rig in Systems, but to save you some time, I am running NHT 3.3's for mains, but a VS-1.2a for the center (left over from when I ran Super Two's for mains in a separate HT). I've been looking for the matching AC-2, but they don't come around often, and sell quickly. I was wondering about running a single or dual 1.5 for center. I'd be able to place it/them vertically, which i'd think would enhance proper dispersion. Of course these have that angled front baffle design, so I'd have to angle to make the baffle square/parallel to the front plane - which is quite odd aesthetically. Or I could lay on its side, but I'm worried about the dispersion pattern b/c it wasn't designed as a horizontal position. Or, I could put the pair in vertically in a 'V' formation so the fornt baffles are square - either like this / \ or this \ / - but I wonder about cancellation effects? Any thoughts?
Cancellation is unlikely. But there may be some negative effects. Side by side, with the drivers facing in slightly, in a V, you may get a mild loading or more likely still, the increased baffle surface will increase mid and high frequency reflections.

A vertical placement on either side of the screen may be best.
Inscrutable- I have an all NHT system (Super Twos all the way around). Put the Super One center channel away two+ years ago after exhaustive with and without (center channel) comparative listening. Can't imagine anything other than your 3.3s doing an even better job with no center channel and phantom mode.