Center Channel options for Sonus Faber Homage L&R

I am planning on getting the Sonus Faber Amatis.
For multichannel DVD and TV listening:
1. Does anyone have experience with using the Cremona center with the Homage series?
2. Might it be better to use a single Guarneri as the center? They are not sold individually. If I bought a pair, do you think I would be able to sell the other single?
I think you will be fine with the Cermona center, unless you are going to be listening to multi channel music. But for HT and TV, you will be fine.

Plus, I think you would have a hrad time selling the one G.

If you are getting the Amati Anniversario, they have similar drivers to the cremona line, but I agree with Jb.
I have a pair of Amati Anniversario's with Guarneri's as rear channels with a Rel Stentor 3 sub. They are powered by ARC reference 210watts monobloks and ARC ref 110watt stereo for the Guarneri's. I use a Krell s1000 as processor. For the moment I have decided to run the system in phantom center mode, it processes all center information through L and R. Since it sounds so magical, I have not felt the need to get a center, I guess if Sonus Faber released an homage center, I may try it. But at the moment it is just amazing. Voice is handled very well by the Amati's. I am around 20 feet away from them and they disappear. High resolution and very vivid. After many auditions with SS amps, I just could not resist the Audio Research ref monobloks. I am very happy with this system, both for music and home theater. blu ray movies are intense. Concert Dvd's are lifelike.