Center channel on McIntosh c26 preamp

I have a McIntosh C-26 pre-amp i purchased new in 1972, the C-26 has a center channel output which is a blend of right and left channels for center channel fill, has anyone heard this set up, and if so is it worth the extra expense of a mono block and third speaker.

My sytem is a McItosh C-26/MC-2105/ Elite 45A/ Mirage Omnisats and Mirage S8 sub
you asked if it was worth the expense,to me it was,the c26 was & still is one of my all time favorite preamps due to the center channel.

to me the center channel adds alot of depth to the music,since owning a c26 ive upgraded many many times but i still missed the depth i had with the c26 & its center channel so ive set up my current pre (c2200 tube pre) to run its main channel as a center along with a jm labs centris center speaker.

you can also use an amp that can be ran in bridged mono as well as stereo,try to find an amp that has gain controls to help you blend the center to your listening tastes.