Center Channel Match for Linn Keilidh Speakers?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a center channel match to my Linn Keilidh L/R speakers. I have a pair of Katans but I was admittedly thinking of using them as Surrounds.
I am using two Kan IIIs for my center channel, paired with Keilidhs for my front and 5110s for my rear. I found them to be a great match in sound.

Isn't the Linn Centrik matched to Keilidhs??

Check out Linn's website or call them @ 1-800-671-LINN, I've called them for all kinds of wierd stuff and they've been great. If you can't find it on the web, they should work with you at the number I listed.
My Linn dealer called Linn to find out what center channel speaker would match my aktiv Keilidhs the best and they said the 5120 so I got one and it's a great match.