Center Channel for Titus XS

I’m building a 5.1 HT around my Triangle Titus XS as fronts. I’m having difficulty finding the matching used Triangle Sextan 202. The US distributor has a left over Naos which he said has the same mids but the tweeter is different (and from the description - a step down). Here’s my question: Is it worth my quest for the elusive used Sextan and if so does anyone have a lead on where I should look (in addition to a “wanted” on Audiogon? Any thoughts on the Naos as a compromise? Or is there another more available center I should go for? which would work well with my Tituses? My budget is around $300.
How about a largely omni-directional Ohm Micro walsh short? Might cost just a tad more than $300 though.

I use Triangle Titus 202s in my 2 channel A/V system. If I went to multi-channel the little OHM MicroWalshes configured for wall mounting in home theater use, is what I would add for center and surrounds without a doubt.