Center Channel for Joseph Audio RM50si

Looking to match a Center Channel with my new Joseph Audio RM50si’s. I currently have a Mirage BPS-400 Sub and Klipsch KG 2.2 Center with Architectural Klipsch 2.2’s mounted in the ceiling as my rear channels. I realize that the surrounds are not going to perform very well mounted in the ceiling; however, I have a strange room setup that I am stuck with. The open floor plan is 35’ by 25’ and places my TV in the corner of the room. I am mainly concerned with a good transition of the dialog between the main Joseph’s and the Center Channel.


My suggestion:, either get another Joseph audio speaker for the center(not my first choice however) or, better yet, forget the idea of trying to use your Joseph audio's as part of the surround system and get 5/6/7 MATCHING DEDICATED HOME THEATER SPEAKERS for your movies!!!!....INIFINITELY BETTER! So so many audiophiles, who love their nice laid back, open, airy, polite, delicate sounding music speakers so much, try to put other speakers into their systems to make surround sound...NEVER WORKS REALLY!!!! Just take a quick look at what ALL, that's right ALL, the stereo magazine writers do, which is have 2 SEPARATE SYSTEMS(one for music, one for HT)!...instead of having poorly compromised single systems!
You would do much much better by investing in FAR LESS EXPENSIVE, YET MORE EFFECTIVE dedicated HT designed speakers, which will all match coherently, build a believable seameless soundstage, and will maximize the attributes that you want from a good movie mix/soundtrack! Anything else, even using the best audiphile grade music speakers money can buy, will not work well! DON'T TRY TO REINVENT THE WHEEL HERE! ALL, YES ALL, the best audio mag reviewers agree that you should be using dedicated HT designed speaker systems for why fix it if it ain't broken!??? You will NEVER build a believable soundstage which is seamless and tonally matched across the front using mismatched "close" sounding speakers!...your ear is too good to be fooled.
You could easily pick up a very very affordable set of wall mountable sealed box dedicated HT speakers in something like the fantastic, hard to beat, excellent, coherent and dynamic M&K K7's for your HT system, mounted up and out of the way, which will cost you less than $600 used for all 5($1250 new), which will give you fantastic DD/DTS movie playback, while leaving your fav audiophile speakers on the floor for music! Why try to find the perfect(not possible) center channel match for your Joseph's, and mismatched rears, which will not sound very good...and cause you to likely spend too much money for nothting! ...SEPARATE THE TWO SYSTEMS IN THE SAME ROOM IF YOU MUST, RATHER THAN BRINGING DOWN THE INTEGRITY OF BOTH SYSTEMS!
Hey if you don't agree with this thining just yet, just email your audio mag writers at their websites and ask em what they think!..they'll tell you much the same basically.
Chilidog makes some good points. I'm personally planning on my own dedicated HT and keeping my separate 2 channel rig. However, because of space/budget etc. some people have no choice but to combine their two-channel and HT rigs. In that case, one of the biggest problems is often that darn TV between the mains that really messes up 2-channel imaging. I've seen some people who've come up with various acoustic absorbers that they put over or in front of the TV when doing two-channel. As to what center, the safest bet is Joseph's own center, it should be a match with their mains. The other center to check out is ACI's new Veritas. This baby looks to be the ultimate center with self-powered woofers, adjustable tonal balance and built-in parametric EQ.