Center channel for Hyperion 938

I love these speakers but they don't have a matching center channel. Any suggestions?
Did you check with the company whether the voicing of one of their smaller model speakers would be a good match? Another more expensive option would be to purchase a single upper module of the Hyperion 938. The top treble-midbass module should be a suitable fraction of your original purchase price. It would be as if you were buying a replacement module when damage is limited to just part of this fine speaker.
The company rep probably has the correct answer for you if you reach by telephone.
I don't think purchasing the upper module of the 938 is a good idea; the crossover point from the bass is at 230Hz. Maybe the HPS-906 may be a good solution, why not check if Hyperion is willing to sell just one for center channel usage?

I have been told that a center channel for the 938s will be available late this fall by a company rep here in Atlanta. I'd wait for it if I were you...
The center is available.