center channel and surround speakers/

We are currently in the process of finishing our home theater and I'm looking for suggestions for the speakers. My current system is a: Toshiba SD9200 DVD, a Krell HTS ll processor, a Krell KAV 500 3 channel for the center and surrounds and Krell KSA 200s for the front. My front channel speakers are Gallo Acoustics Neucles Reference speakers with Audioquest Dragon between these and the 200. The interconnects are all Audioquest, I'm going to use Audioquest type-4 for the surrounds. I was thinking about PSB or maybe Paradigm speakers. Thanks for your help.
I use Paradigm Reference CC and ADP and they work fine in my HT system.

OTOH, is there a particular reason you wouldn't use Gallo all the way around?
Audio Quest Dragon on Neucleus speakers?..say it ain't so.
however, you need Neucleus matching speaker for center for sure, and preferable all around...otherwise it will sound poor for certain. You need a tonal match all across the front, at least, and preferably back as well. You will NEVER get a believable cohesive soundstage that dissapears and works together with mismatched speakers...waste of time really. You will otherwise always be aware of differences in sound, as it pans across the speakers.
Neucleus's are cheep, and there's no reason to not get matching units for it otherwise, if you plan on keeping Gallo's up front that is...Dragon????.....Hummmmm....
Buy a set of used Gallo Solos and use one for the center channel. Un-bolt it from the stand and build a custom stand suitable for your video display. You can also use a giant rubber O-ring like Gallo uses for their micro subwoofer. I recommend speaker placement just below the screen. Keep the extra Solo for spare parts since these are no longer made. For surrounds, buy a set of the new Gallo Due' speakers with the new 150 degree radiating CDT tweeter. These will give you a matching top end for all the speakers and work well mounted near walls unlike the old 320 degree CDT that works best out in the room.
I'm thinking that maybe a pair of Solos for the rear surrounds would work better because I want a speaker that is more full range than the micros. If I go with Gallos I would have to use the new Due' for the center because it has to be on top of the tv.
Has anyone heard the Due'?
Thanks for the imput.