Center channel

Is there any way to get advice re: the following:
Analog and 2-channel people please ignore the following:
I have 4 Magnepans (the small ones, MMGs, direct from the factory) for front and rear speakers, but there's no way I have the space for a magnepan center channel. Is there any SMALL speaker out there which might be of comparable/compatible quality and "sound picture" to the Maggies that I could use as a center channel. I have a good sub, so low frequency extension is not an issue. I listen to classical multi-channel SACD a lot, so it has to be quality sound. (For movies I wouldn't care much.)
Dean Rishel
No, but you can tell your DVD player and SS processor that you don't have a center channel speaker, and it will mix the center channel sounds into the front left and right. Because MMG image well, you will be in good shape.
I will have the same problem soon, my system will be Apogee Ribbon system for fronts and rears. I'm going to check out the VMPS center speakers, these are hy-brid design with ribbon for mid and highs. Also, I think magnapan makes a center channel speaker, you may find one used.

Agree with Eldartford. I like my setup (was Martin Logan, now Vandersteen) better without a center and eventually sold it.
Just to clarify my view about center channels (as if everyone doesn't know by now) I am a big advocate of center channel speakers, and have been since long before discrete multichannel sources were available. However, part of my argument is that the center speaker/amplification should be the same as the Left and Right. Sometimes, for HT, this is impractical. In that case you are better off with no center speaker than to use a second rate one.