Center Channel

I have a B&W CDM CNT center and am pretty happy with it. I am wondering how it compares to the Nautilus HTM2. I upgraded my front left and right speakers to the Nautilus 804 and have been very pleased. I'd like to have all three speakers from the same series, but if there is little difference, I'll just save the money. Specifications show little difference between the HTM2 anf the CNT. Would it just be better to look at the HTM1 and be done with it? The speakers are relatively new, so they may not be fully broken in yet (CNT about 6 months, 804 about 2 months).
If you are a hometheatre buff, 90% of your audio comes through the center channel. So get the best you can afford, also try to go as full range as possible, and if it sits on your big screen make sure to angle it down to the seating position. You can buy a center channel stand that allows you adjust the angle for ontop of your tv or temporarily use door stops (rubber angles at Home Depot) to find the correct angle.
Also make sure you have good amplification behind the center channel, you might decide that it is more important to upgrade the amplification since you already have a nice center channel.
I have the HTM-1 and the dialog is superb! If you can choke down the $1,700 it will match your 804’s perfectly. Personally, I have not listened to the HTM-2 but I know someone who owned them both, and I was told hands down the HTM-1 was well worth the extra money.