Center Ch help.

I need some help finding a center ch. My first quetion is do i need one? I listen to about 75% music and thee rest being tv or movie.

Second I have a set of JM Lab Electra 906 speakers and a Def Tech Pro Sub 80 and a Pioneer VSX 1014 to power them. I would like to keep the center cheap i got my 906 speakers for 500 each but was not able to get the center for the same price and no one in my area carys JM Lab any more.

I would idealey like to get a JM Lab cc-900 or JM Lab cc-30(hopefully i just got one on here but I have not got a responce from the dude yet). Other than JM Lab what speaker can I get from on here or elsewhere on the net that will be a decent match to my 906?

I thought if I can not get the JM lab center I could go with Sonus Faber maybe one of their center ch speakers has the same 6.5in W cone but it has a dif tweeter and it is sealed where as JM Lab is a front ported design. Would the Sonus sound good with my mains? My ohter idea was to go with Klipsch RC-35 or RC-7 So what would you do if you were like me and a college student that wants a center ch tto go with JM Lab 906 speakers?
I have heard some apparently mismatched center/main set-ups that sound very good in spite of speaker design differences. If you do not watch movies that much and are not terribly critical of the sound coming out of your center channel you could get away with any number of different centers. If you can demo the speaker you intend to buy before you buy it I would recomend that. More often than not speakers sold as center channel speakers are over priced and low in performance in comparrison to its bookshelf counterparts. Single bookshelf speakers are sometimes available from dealers who don't mind splitting a pair but occasionaly available on A'gon for next to nothing.

Good luck.