Cellular phone and speakers?

Hi Chaps,
I have a pair of unused Vienna Acoustics bookshelf speakers in a small library and would like to know if it is possible to connect them directly to an iphone 8 just to listen to background music. Room is full of books, papers, magazines, etc, there is not even space for a small integrated/CD player combo.

I know nothing about cell phones and digital audio, my main system is analog.

Thanks much.

Background is the best you can get out of iPhone w/o an external DAC. Go for it.
The iPhone doesn't have binding posts to connect to speakers. I'm not sure if you can add binding posts to the iPhone with suitable accessories. Best bet is to add a small shoebox amp.
You need a small amp of some sort and using one with Bluetooth built in or get a Bluetooth adapter to stream from you iPhone to the amp, which then powers your speakers. The iPhone does not have enough power to drive those speakers, so you have to find the room to fit an amp of some kind.  I use an old iPad stream to an old NAD receiver in my work shop. It’s fine for background music, you can check out the PS Audio amp “Sprout” to get the idea and you might find it small enough to fit someplace . I do not own one, just giving you the concept. 
I second deadhead.  At the bare minimum you need an amp and a device that can accept either Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast, which are the wireless ways to send music.  Are you  sure that you can’t clean out some of that stuff to make room?  My suggestion would be to get a pair of speakers that come with a Bluetooth receiver and amp built in.  My suggestion would be Audioengine.
Later after you clean out the space a little, and if you really want to use the VA speakers, I would by a small integrated amp that includes a device that can receive one of the three technologies listed above
I picked up a few class d amps. 59. at the time. BT, 1/4", RCA in. Banana and binding post out. 3 years ago. Work really well. Mine were 2.1 amps.

Palm size amp has some punch.



Some speaker cable and a wall plug.

DAC too..
Thanks chaps, I got the picture, I now have more than enough info to start my project.
Why not just buy a bluetooth speaker for the Iphone? Good enough for background music and cheaper (& easier) than the alternatives presented
^^^ +1..You basically have 2 choices.A small Integrated Amplifier/DAC like PS Audio Sprout II or similar from several manufacturers or ditch the Vienna Acoustics & go with an all in 1 Bluetooth speaker from 1 of any number of reputable makers like Dynaudio or Dali..My inclination would be Bluetooth,eliminating external electronics & several cables...