Cello system, trouble in paradise

I currently own a Cello Audio System made up of Audio Pallette,  Performance II Amplifiers and Power Supplies 2,  Stradivarius Premiere speakers, icluding interconnects, and speaker cables all originally part of system. Unwillingly I must sell due to an illness earlier this year that has left finances in shambles. My thinking is that these components were designed by Mark Levinson to work perfectly together and to be able to sell as a set would be a special system to own and to have the great pleasure of listening to. Do I break up the set or not is the big question. Any input from any angle would greatly be appreciated.
Many Thanks
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Take a loan on your 401k to sort out the finances and keep the hifi!.

Seriously yes they were designed as a set but that does not mean they HAVE to be used as a set.

Going to be a tougher longer sell to keep together unless the price was impossible to ignore.

But splitting up you invariably always end up with some part or another that just will not sell.

Then what do you do?

Very tough call and sorry to hear of the bad times and hope it only gets better from here out.
Don't break up this system! Its real value lies in keeping it complete!