Cello Strings 1, Fischer 104 connectors

Okay, I'll admit it.... I'm not an audiophile. I have a small recording studio, and I do a fair amount of mastering. Toward that end, and in trying to better my system and my ears, I bought a new pair of Dunlavy III.A speakers and a used Cello Duet 350 amp.

Now, I know that I'm a Philistine here, but can someone point me towards a stocking dealer for the Fischer 104 connector? And the pin-out? Or do I just lop the ends off of the Cello Strings that I have, and solder an XLR on the supply side? This 100 pound block of circuitry looks really nice, but I'd like to hear it, know what I mean? The outputs that I have available to me are all line level, either -10 or +4, and either balanced or unbalanced. I'd prefer to go balanced +4, but it's not that big an issue to me.

I've sent two days trolling around the internet, and it seems to be very hard to find any information about this style of connection. Yes, I spoke to Fischer, but that means about 8-10 days lag time to get anything. Meanwhile, I cannot find an owners manual for the Cello, a pin-out for the cables, or a level structure for the amp anywhere on the net. I called mathew-james, and never got a call back.

Anyone who can point me in a better direction, I would appreciate the info. Right now I'm going in circles.


Bill Park
Senior Editor

The pin connections for the 3-pin are:

White to Pin 1
Red to Pin 2 (Hot)
Blue to Pin 3 (Cold)

I have some Cello manual info somewhere but think it is only sales info, but will try and find it if it helps you

Regards, Richard

Thanks for the pin out, Richard.

Someone has since told me that the wire strands are individually insulated and it might take some sort of chemical to strip them for solder. So that answer might not be practical.

I'll try again today to find a stocking dealer for the 104. If I can't then on Monday I will buy directly from Fischer.

And thanks for the offer of the literature. What I need is a copy of an owners manual for the Cello Duet 350. I don'tthink that the sales lit will help me much with input levels, specs, and the other little things that an owner likes or needs to know. (For example, I'm going to try to run this off of balanced 240 volt power....)

Thanks again,


Bill, email me if you still require the specs for the specs, levels, etc as I have finally found what is left of my manual.

Regards, Richard.

your answer is:
As a Cello owner i feel like kicking in some experiences i have.
The Big mistake that Mr Cello made was to adopt for the Fischer 104 connector.
The 104 can only cope with cables of up to 8 mm dia.
The 105 can do up to 15 mm, and this type should have been the choice.
now Mr Cello was not know for his flexibility, and so he thought that every Cello owner should/would buy the Cello strings..
The ones that try real cables between their Cello amps know differently.. the strings sound like crap.
And have a problem with those darm Fischer connectors.
The Fischer connector itself is a fine piece of Swiss craftsmanship, mind you.

I replaced both my Encore and AudioSuite pre-amp with Neutrik XLR connectors, and i admit that it gave me thoughts firstly.
after having modified both preamps i can say with confidence that the Neutriks sound better than the Fischers.
I know there may be purists which may not want to believe this, but i have the experience.

The pin 1,2,3 have the same 1,2,3 on the Neutriks.

if you want more detailed information on the modification and the wire codes drop me an email.

The Duet 350 may be very easily converted to XLR connectors there is room to spare.

keep the vinyl spinning !
In Germany there is Dr.Kleiber that changes all Fisher connectors with XLR on every Cello product. He make an incredible upgrades on Cello preamps and amps. If you want contact me to address below.
I also have a 100 pound block of circuitry. How did you resolve the connector issue? I have same problem. Thanks