Cello Stradavari Premiere

Anyone knows where to get a mid range driver for the Cello Stradavari Premiere? I believe it is made by Dyna Audio.

Contact Madisound. They may be able to help

I would suggest emailing audiogon seller Porschecab . Dan is a friendly person and he knows everything about Cello!
Thanks for your response. Madisound has only one Dynaudio D76AF NLA 3" dome midrange left in stock as they are out of stock.
I am actually looking for a replacement of the 3" silk dome (right speaker) which has a couple of small indent on it (probably due to pressing by kids). I was told that the silk dome acts as dust cover so it has no effect on the sound (I can't hear the difference) but cosmetically I would like it to be perfect.
If I can't find a replacement 3" silk dome I will have no choice but to purchase the midrange which there is only one left.
Does anyone know where I can find a silk dome or a pair of midrange driver?