Cello setup, separate or not?

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I have a system that consists of Sony X707ES CD player, Cello DAC, Cello Audio Palette MIV, Cello Performance II Amps and Stradivari Premier speakers, including strings1 and  strings 3 tri-wire.
For a number of years I have been agonizing over the prospect of selling the system. I would love to sell the system as a set and think it would find a better home than breaking it up and selling individually, on the other hand selling as a set may prove to be difficult . Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd say chances are slim of finding someone with all those preferences but stranger things have happened.  Part of the fun in this is building your own system piece-by-piece (and then upgrading piece-by-piece).
Why don't you just advertise it as a system and see what happens.  The market for that stuff is very limited, but the people who do want it would probably be excited to find a complete system.  If they want just one item, they will ask you if you would separate.  
I remember when they first came out with the Cello systems. They marketed complete systems that included speakers. They actually had a store in West Hollywood, CA that was by appointment only. Since this is the way they sold these systems back in the day I think it would be a good idea to sell it as a set.
Thanks all for comments, I guess my thinking also is that the audio Palette is the key piece that will most likely be first to go and the rest may be more difficult to sell. don't want to sell the Palette and be stuck with the rest for much longer. 
I had a similar cello system which I sold shortly after Cello Music and film closed. My recommendation is not to sell, especially the palette. You will miss it. 

I concur w/ altoman,

hold onto this system!
Thank You altoman and jafant for the input !!
it seems like my apartment situation is not going to change, (the equipment does not fit the space) and with the prospect of my kids going to college as much as I have put it off. I guess this is one of those tough decisions that no one likes to make
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