Cello Performance II

Anyone know this amp?

Any good on Infinity IRS Beta high/mids?


It's going to be tough to find very many people with experience with these amps on other than Cello gear -- Cello sold a system (eq, pre, power, speakers) in its reference line. My experience with the amps:- fast, sweet highs, authoritative. The amps akways stay in control -- they were designed to drive the 1 ohm Cello Grand Masters. The 200wpc rating is very conservative -- the amps go 400wpc into 4 Ohms, 800 wpc into 2 Ohms and 1300 wpc into 1 ohm.

In my system the soundstage is superlative and the amps draw dynamic contrasts in a lifelike manner with their combination of speed and power.

One possible drawback: the amps don't open up for about 30 minutes, and need to be driven fairly hard to warm up. I have heard complaints from people who tried to use them on very sensitive or high impedence (6 Ohm+) speakers that I suspect may result from the amps never properly warming up.

They draw 800W at idle and will heat a 24x16 room except on the coldest days (they have very quiet internal fans).

They are big, heavy, and (frankly) fairly ugly. Tom Colangelo (now with Viola)of MLAS and Cello designed them for sound without regard to cost or practicality. He is designing a new generation for Viola.

For my money, he got the sound part right.

Thank for you're feedback

Anyone else??