Cello Pallete/current high end pre

I have a Cello Pallete pre-amp, its over 20 years old now, it cost 6K at that time, with the same money now , can I buy a new pre-amp with same or better sonic & details than Pallete. Any advise of brand & model. Thanks
your Cello Pallete is a true classic worth MORE than when you bought it.
So a word of advice is keep it.
Make certain you are totally in love with your new preamp before you ever think of parting with you Cello Pallete.
I think you are one lucky guy to have the Cello in your system.
And can you buy a NEW one with same or better with $6K now..No. A used preamp yeah..

Personally i would get the Cello refurbished (capacitors checked etc..) Then just use it another 20 years...
Martin Colloms used it for years as reference until it was eventually surpassed. He has said he still misses the features it has that current preamps lack. Could still form the basis of a first rate system especially if refurbished as E. suggests. If you like the sound keep it; anything "better" would cost a lot and you might not like it as well. Think of your system like an athletic team; just as chemistry between players is important so is synergy between components. Just picking "the best" of each component may produce an all star system but may not be the best for your taste.

Do you have the Cello Pallete or the Audio Pallete?

I think Martin Colloms used an Audio Pallete, not the Cello -Palette preamplifier - but can not be sure anymore. The sound of the two units is completely different, I have owned both long ago. The Cello Pallete Preamplfiier (the cheaper unit, using ICs and potentiometers) was a terrific match with the Cello Duet, but was not competitive with other preamplifiers when used with a non Cello system.

The Audio Pallete was much more refined and sweeter. I found that unless I used some equalization with it, it robbed life to the sound in the flat position when used with non Cello systems. It had a much better building quality than the Palette Preamplifier.
Hi Microstrip, I have the Cello Palette Pre-amp(the cheaper one) with amp- Bryston 7B-ST mono block , speaker- Magneplanar MG 1.6 , Bel Canto cd3t transport, Bel Canto DAC2.5.
I have listen to the Audio Research LS 27 at the dealer, it sounds good but the price close to $8000 with tax. which is over my budget $4000. Maybe consider a used Jeff Rowland pre-amp Synergy IIi or Consummate. Or the new Jeff Rowland Capri.

I'd keep it. As far as Rowland goes, make sure you bring it home for a listen before you purchase it. They can be a little quirky, they can sound grand in one system and awful in an other. Been there.
Audio Research preamps sound great with Bryston power amplifiers, IMHO an used LS26 or even the REF1 or REF2 will sound better than the Cello Palette.

I am using an Audia Flight pre which retails for $7000 but which I have seen offered as a demo for under $4000.It is used as a reference by Constantine Soo [ probably misspelled] who is chief reviewer at one of the internet sites. Made in Italy and has striking Italian styling and very well built also. Both balanced and SE inputs and outputs.

Your analogy on system synergy is right on!
I constantly try to stress how important this is.
Especially to "Flavor of The Month" buyers who declare
a component's value after a few days in their system.