Cello Duet 350?

what do you know on this amp?
was very goog amp.
"was a very good amp" could any one elaborate a little on that comment, I have been very interested in that amp for some time now but it is hard to find any information about it. Thanks :-) tim
Someone is selling this Amp on Audigon. YOu should ask him. Here's the link. http://gonmain.iserver.net/cgi-bin/cl.pl?ampstran&993592686&class&3&4&
This (like all Cello equipment) is a killer amp! I purchased one used about a year ago and have been delighted. The detail and transparency is truely amazing. With 350 watts per channel, this will most likely satisfy any power requirements. I would put this amp up against any other (with the possible exception of the Cello Performance II) and would expect the Duet to win by a LARGE margin...
Era is asking the "general public" for opinions because (1) info. is hard to find on this product, and (2) if he simply asks the seller, then what else but "it's fantastic" would one expect to hear? I'd probably do the same thing... Certainly a valid question.

I have olso a cello duet 350 mk111 for me is the best what i ever heard, i use white my audio resersch ls22 and my speaker apogee dueta signature. Before i have Krell fpb 300 and pass labb 350, bhat for me is the cello the best what i ever heard, i hoppe jou ghan onderstand my englisch.

regards roy,
I just bought a Cello Duet 350 and thinking about buying Apogee Diva speakers. Would the Duet be able to drive the Divas effectively enough?