Cello audio Palate or Suite still worth buying?

I read so much about these preamps that I am wondering at this late date are they still worth considering? I have read that the modules go bad and they are very hard to source. How would they rate from a sonic perspective with today's best. What got me thinking is that I bought a classic speaker system and have been bowled over with how great it is. Would I experience the same thing with the Cello products? Bob
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I have two Cello Audio Pallete preamps/equalizer one for each system ,in my main system I also have a Cello Encore preamp.I could not be without them.You can see my systems on Audiogon.Early versions of the Audio Pallete has limited inputs,later versions have more .The equalizer is easy to use and is fantastic.You can have Cello equipment upgraded and repaired by Cello Germany,expensive but very reliable and excellent quality.I have had an MBL 6010D premp in my main system for a few months and sold it,did not compare well with Cello.Please keep in mind I listen primarily to classical music ,and my system is rather complex.feel free to call me should you want more detail information.
I am using Suite, and have a 1Mohm on the side. Suite is a well balanced pre. Comparing to the current name branded pre on the market, it is still up front in sonic. Would not regret to get one!
I am using a Cello Pallete pre-amp , its over 20 years old .Compare with current pre-amp like Jeff Rowland Capri , Audio Research LS 17 , LS 27 , is the Pallete still sonic & resolution superior now ? The cello company is closed now , cannot get repair if got problem. Please give me some advise.
I have repaired one of my Cello preamps with Paul ...,he is at Viola Lab in Connecticut,that company has some of the staff from the old Cello company.In addition I have upgraded and modified one of my Cello Audio Palette preamps with Cello Germany,unfortunately Dr.Kleiber who was the owner is very ill and if alive is no longer active.However you may try to contact them.Their service was outstanding in terms of quality,however shipping to and from Germany is difficult and they were quite expensive.I do have two Audio Palettes they are a major improvement over the Palette preamp.I am willing to part with one of them.feel free tto contact me.
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Take your Cello Palette EQ to the next level. That's what I did. Millennia Music & Media Systems NSEQ4. Sonically the NSEQ-4 blows the Cello away and has much more frequency control/flexibility.


Full Timbral Control, Total Signal Integrity

World's first (and only) all-discrete, true differential Class-A input buffer/amplifier.

Selectable balanced or unbalanced input.

Greatly improved 3rd generation FSA-03 all-discrete EQ amplifier

Improved output stage, no muting required (as with Twin Topology)

True hard-wire bypass when EQ not selected

Upgraded power supply leading to improved sonic performance
Fully parametric stereo EQ with unprecedented sonic purity
& integrity

All discrete J-FET solid state signal path

Minimalist design: only one active stage in the audio path

Four EQ bands: 20 Hz to 20 kHz center frequency, 0.4 to
4.0 Q

Extremely low noise: -106 dBu

Constructed for demanding professional applications

Ultra-Premium components throughout

Gold relays, connectors, switches,

Silver Teflon power wiring

Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring


I have mine on a trolley to keep it by by listening chair.
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