Cello Amplifier Cooling Fans?

Anybody know where I can purchase one or more cooling fans for an old Cello Performance Amplifier (consisting
of two mono power amps, each with two fans). I would be interested in more than one of these fans if available, new or used.

Chuck Kazarian
Go to:


and ask them.

Thanks Richard. Unfortunately though, Matthew James has none and has no idea where to get them... where are all those old Cello Performance amps ready to be cannibalized for their cooling fans?
Then, I would contact Viola. The engineers from Cello started this company and may know where the fans came from.

Good luck,

I appreciate your suggestions, but I don't know what or where Viola is. Can you advise?


Go to : www.violalabs.com or call Paul Jayson (203) 772-0435.
Globe Motors. Part numbers A47-B15A-15T1-100 (115 volts), A47-B15A-23T1-100 (230 volts).
I just bought 2 small fans at Walmart $5.00 each keep them near my tube amp and tube preamp,and works just fine has a low and high speed setting.I know its not internal,but works wonders for keeping things cool.Of course if u don't have little kids running around at home opeating with covers off helps.Just a thought so stay cool.