Cello Amati - any good?

Are they a great speaker or just so so?
I would appreciate your opinions !
Many thanks
I use to own a pair of double Amati's. .. and loved them.

My only disappointment was that they imaged poorly. (This was corrected when two pair were put into the Strat. Grand Master cabinets. That solved the problem but cost a fortune!

I discovered a speaker that was as good as the Amati double pair, but did have the imaging of the bigger Cello's: B&W800's (the original). I later actively bi-amped the 800's, and they surpassed any of the Cello's in every way!

is it true they can be install directly at the wall?
I was trying to understand if this is the way they shall be positioned.
As a consequence I will have a lot more of free space in a small room.
Thanks for your further help.
Maybe the question can be reformulated like: are they a great advised speaker for small rooms?

They project a huge soundstage! Mark Levinson once told me that it was is prefered speaker, because of that.

They can be mounted against the wall, but shouldn't. They should be placed into the room, like most speakers.

Within reason, the bigger the room the better, especially with the double pair.