cell phones and tubes

I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience. If I have my cell phone in my listening room, it will periodically cause noise to come out of my speakers. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when you put your cell phone next to a CRT style computer monitor. When a phone call is coming in, the CRT starts to "squawk" just before the phone rings. Anyone who works in a cubicle in corporate America is probably all too familiar with this.
I'm guessing that the tubes are picking up the large amounts of RFI being transmitted and received by the phone.
My question is: What are the audiophiles doing about it? At this point, my only option is to turn the phone off. Moving the phone to another room can minimize the effect, but doesn't totally negate it. I don't like turning the phone off, because it's my only phone (no land line).
I figured someone must have come up with an interesting way to deal with this...


I am not certain it is your tubes. I would think it is more likely your cables picking up the interference from the cell phone and transmitting through the speakers. Just my two cents...
The same thing happens to me, even in my truck, and I don't have tubes in my living room or my truck.
Turning off the phone is the only solution that works for me...
My Treo GSM cell phone makes the noises you describe when near my car radio, my stereo system, all three computers and our old table top radio.

Odd too, as the FCC is supposed to prohibit consumer products that cause interference.
My workmates and I are in a temp office, 5 of us all crowded around a table with wireless keyboards, mice, and blackberries plus a radio. You should hear all the buzzin and cussin caused by that mish mash of electronic genius. I get it in my car, and at home on my PC and my electronic keyboard but not on the rig.
You're right, I don't think it is the tubes, either. I have a simple system in another room with an NAD C320BEE integrated amp and I have never heard the buzzing through those speakers. That's why I originally thought it was related to tubes. But maybe it could be that I have a very badly shielded cable in my good system? Does that sound more likely to be the reason?

I forgot to mention that my Treo 650 (GSM cell) also interferes with my AT&T hard wired land line phone which is a business quality phone ($500.00) and has no radio or cordless features.

I think these phones are just nasty and as long as the GSM band is approved and operating as currently configured, we will be dealing with noise in many types of equipment.

Wonder if the I Pod people are having negative experiences with this too?

Frankly, I would be careful recording music, movies or whatever with a GSM device around. Good chance the noise will be perfectly "preserved" for you every time you revisit that software :^).