Celestion SL12si any thoughts and history?

Hello All...

I am enjoying my Dynaudio BM6A's and will post a review soon..

We needed some deck speakers and I just bought a pair of Celestion SL12si on E-bay for $ 201 usd. They are currently being shipped to me.

I can't find much on the net about them. I see one pair is for sale on Agon for $ 600 usd with an original px of $ 2000 usd listed.

Did I score an underpriced gem here? Any info or experience much appreciated.
i had them very nice a little etched on top, maybe use a tube amp

very tight bass, good extention very nice looking

same vintage as the sl6si

exc. buy
Good luck with your purchase. I owned a pair of the SL-6s's for years. It was always a top-rated system. The "i" version was even better (more open sounding due to some crossover changes, I believe). The Model 12 doubles up on the bass-midrange driver, with, obviously, a bigger cabinet.
For $200, how could you go wrong? As long as the speakers are in good condition, I think you did well. Just don't expect a real "hi fi" type of sound; I remember the Celestions as very smooth and listenable.
I made a similar purchase a year ago - but paid a bit more - $275. Best money I ever spent on speakers. They have the traditional 'polite' Celestion sound, great imaging, tight bass (such as it is), etc. I'm curious how SL6's would sound in the same room, or in other words, whether the extra driver helps or hurts. I may buy a set just for fun to see.
Only downside is you need a powerful amp - those Celestions are very inefficient. And forget getting replacment parts - particularly the tweeters, which can go bad on you.
Well ... they arrived and I'm wondering how much power I need to get the very tight bass pumping. I'm thinking maybe a 500 watt Hafler... not too pricey as these speakers are definitely not finess detailed. My wife actually wants me 0to use our Mission M70's and put these up for sale.... but now I'm intrigued as I can sense some performance to be coaxed out of them...any other amp suggestions used in the under $500 arena?
So you're the guy who outbid on the 12si's. I own the SL6si and ran them with a 100wpc HK amp. Incredible vocals if you like James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, etc.