Celestion SL 12 si

I own a pair of SL 12s. They are not lead lined like the
SL 6s but the SL 12s use the same tweeter and mid/woofer
drivers as the SL 6s except there are two mid/woofers
in a wood brace cabinet(they are biwireable.

Does anyone have information on the speaker or can you direct me to urls where I might read a review/s. The speakers appear in the USA early '90's.

Thank You,
Send me your address, and I will send you a 1990 Celestion brochure.
I just read your offer to sent me a 1990 Celestion brochure. Thank You very much.

Raymond Stanton
610 28th Avenue
San Francisco,CA 94121
I owned a pair of the Celestion SL6 speakers in the early '80s. I still have them in storage in Australia. Mine were the original (and in my opinion, the best) version with the copper-dome tweeter. Very inefficient, but I was powering them with a Metaxas 100w class A sand amp, and they responded nicely.

I don't think they were lead-lined, and I did look inside at one stage because the woofers were damaged when we had a party. Such is life. Celestion replaced the drivers, and they were as good as new.

The copper-domed tweeter is sweet. The SL6si introduced the much more efficient aluminium tweeter, but I thought they lost some of their smoothness.

You will find a review in Audio Ideas Guide, a canadian magazine, which has an excellent web site. The review was in 1990 or so. Basically the review was very positive, very tight albeit limited bass, excellent midrange and treble and imaging second to none. I still have a set which I always think about upgrading, but then can find nothing in their class for under 5k.