Celestion Model 100 enquiry

I purchased a pair of Celestion Model 100s based on audition, and cannot find much information on them. These are not the Ditton 100s. To the best of my knowledge based on Internet research these are 20 year old speakers. I'm getting a bit of buyer's remorse after installing them in my home and want to know more about them before I kick them to the curb. Any information that can be provided, good or bad, would be appreciated. I'm considering replacing them with a pair of Infinity intermezzo 2.6 powered speakers and don't know if I'm jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I have been unable to subscribe to bluebook which doesn't help either. Using Cambridge Audio Azur 740c, Pro-ject 6.1 w/Sumiko cartridge, Parasound P3, and PS Audio HCA2. Source material is very broad, Brubeck, Bach, AC/DC.
Don't do it! The Celestion 100s were a great little speaker that shared a lot in common with the sl series that preceded them and they were a little more attractive as well. Comparing them to powered Intermezzos of any size is really missing the point. These were classic British sealed box monitors that were more about finesse and music than brute force or ultimate extension.
What is important is that the drivers are in good condition, because they are not replaceable any longer, and the unusual and sophisticated mid/bass driver is unique in design. The aluminum domes are hopefully in good condition, although small dents, even if unsightly, don't affect their performance. Look for any splits in the rubber surrounds of the bass drivers.
I have been through the whole sl series, and still own SL6s as well as SL6si and a pair of Kingstons. I don't use them every day, but they are great speakers, and I will always keep them all. As small sealed boxes , they do have dynamic limitations, but put them on decent stands, even low mass stands with four bits of blu tac in the corners and give them plenty of power. They like to be about 2 beet from the back wall, and toed in so that you can still see some of the inside wall (moderately) This model wasn't made for long, and if in good condition is a lucky find. Give them a chance, and you will be rewarded.
Thank you very much for your response. A review I found on the Internet summed up my experiences also - great for fairly simple material (single instrument, voice, small jazz ensemble) but the speakers sort of get congested on more complex works. Stravinsky Firebird or Sheherezade pointed out this issue to me. I was not attempting to play to live orchestral sound levels. The instruments sort of mashed together and separation got lost. I did not expect bass to match my nucleus 3.1s; that was not an issue. The sonic homogenization of instruments at DB levels that are comfortable but still room filling (main area 12X15X7 feet)is the principal concern, something wholly absent in the Gallos. I'm leery of paying $750 for the intermezzo 2.6s even when offset by the full boat refund I would get on the Celestions. Remorse or not I may end up having to live with them. The audition environment the seller provides is quite small and crowded, offering a poor venue for critical listening.
I used to love playing with the Celestions. I liked them best with tube gear. They had a pair made with aluminum honeycombing like the floor of jets.
your speakers fit in between the early SL with wood cabinets, and SL with the Aerolam aluminum cabinets. I've found all of the iterations to be very good sounding.

the 100 came after and were cheaper than the aerolam ones, but shared a good deal of the innards

i still have SL600s, 2 pairs of Sl700, and a pair of 12SL. I just sold a pair of SL6 a week ago, so I am quite familiar with them

I run a pair of SL700 with the Celestion System 6000 subwoofer system.
Up till today, I used the other Sl700 with a Revel b15a subwoofer.

before buying the Revel, i tried an older cheaper Velodyne subwoofer which I found at a local used dealer for $225. Even with that cheaper sub, it improved the sound brining mid=bass warmth.

With your range of music preference, you may be best with a subwoofer.

After selling my Revel sub today, and running the SL700 full range, there was a lot lacking and with my music tastes not something I can enjoy.

I am very surprised to hear you found simple material congested. This is supposed to be the speakers strong point. ---I would have to believe you have an issue somewhere in your chain, or there are functional issues with your actual speaker. i should also note, I've always used tubes which seem to be a great match with all the ones I own.

before you dump them, and add more money with the Infinity, --you may want to just try a subwoofer with it, even something at Best Buy, where you could try and I believe return within their return policy.
I want to state again that these small speakers really like a strong amp to control them. There is a big difference between an amp that can play them, and one that can control them and really allow them to do their thing.
I also owned the sl700 speakers. I could never get them to work for me, but the final super version, the Kingston, I still have, and it is the best of the bunch.
I re-read my post and apparently messed up the phrasing. Simple material like single vocal, guitar, cello, jazz quartet, chamber ensemble etc. is astonishingly clear. It's the complex stuff like full orchestra (Sheherezade) where it all seems to mush together when volume goes up. I have a sub I don't even want to mention, and it makes the bass more 'there', but I have to adjust gain so low to keep it from coming apart. I do need to replace the sub. I'd think an HCA-2 amp would be enough. Well regarded in its day with 150 watts. The nucleus 3.1s worked like a champ with it. I'd still be using them if it wasn't for a home gym that hijacked my basement. I do A/B with the Gallos and the Celestions definitely lose it big, and I'm not talking about bass extension - it's the midrange and highs and definition that I miss. I need to get the Gallo 3.1 experience in something that's 16" deep I can have close to a wall, like 8 inches close.
The bass mid driver that Celestion developed for the sl series and their derivatives had a really magic way with voices. For my personal taste, they are just too dynamically constricted for full time use in a main system, but they are too good to let go of. I have a great affection for the way they play music.
They are very nice speakers if you keep the SPL down. They're small monitors so that's expected. I do wish to listen at louder levels from time to time and the Celestions just hurt. I replaced them with a pair of Focal Aria 926s. The monitors will be on the block unless I can justify their placement somewhere nice and hidden for ambience or something like that. Wife isn't into music at all, so they're probably going on the block.