Celestion for 2008?

I'm looking for a speaker made today that would do all the things that the Celestion Sl600s and Sl700s did so well -- image like crazy, provide a to-die-for midrange, and -- and this is very important -- sound very good at low listening levels. I'm not worried about a lack of deep bass. What the old Celestions had in that department would suit my needs just fine. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
close as in horseshoes....proac 2, spendor 1/2, harbeth 7.....the proac of the group, or i would just hold for the 600's or 700's
I agree with Jaybo - I would add that latest Martin Logans are pretty good in this department - low level play with nice mids - they seem to have integrated the conventional woofer well with the narrow curved panel design (gets excellent dispersion).
ATC is close to Celestion tonality. ATC is a tough beast to drive tho. The midrange's opacity is one thing that put a shame on many speakers. There is some realism to it. Other speakers seem bright. Celestion also amazed me with the amount of bass belies it size.
I for once now searching for a pair of woofer for Celestion SL6s, a lit bro of SL600, still not avail.