Celestion DL4 Series Two

Purchased this speaker at a thrift store for $6.Have heard good things about this company and was wondering your thoughts about this vintage speaker.Has a nice smooth sound connected to my NAD 3020 Series 20.
The Celestion DL speakers were wonderful sounding and a great value in the late 80's and early 90's. Many used the aluminum dome tweeter that was found in the acclaimed SL-6.
I owned the DL8 and they were terrific!!!
Know these aren't $5000 speakers,but just interested if anyone has heard or owned a pair and your thoughts?
Excellent classic budget speaker. Nice vintage amp too. Back in the day a nice budget table from Systemdek, Thorens or Revolver would do the trick. Today a Project Debut or Essential would fit the bill. What is your source?
Use two older magnevox cd players.cdp 460 with the tda1541 dac chip and cdp 492 with 1543 chip.Was using a pioneer pl-530 turntable that I sold for needed funds which I hated to do!!!Have heard good things about the Project Debut.