Celestion A3 tweeters

Can anyone tell me where I can find replacement tweeters for these speakers?
I don't think you will be able to. I'm looking for one for the A1 speaker.
Celestion USA said unavailable. Good luck.
There are many other Celestion model speakers that use the same size tweeter diaphragm as the A series. Celestion 3,4,5 ect. You just have to change tweeter housings. I had to do the same with my A3s.
Do you know where I can find a A4C?
Do they sound right like before, may I ask ? And where did you get the model 3,4,5, .. tweeters from ? Are they used or new from Celestion dealers ?

Thank you.
I second the info posted by Robert and thank you for that. I have a pair of A2 with blown-out tweeters. This week I was lucky to find not 1, but 2 pairs of Celestion 5 (for just $30 for both, yes that's true) and used their diaphram with the old A2 magnet, since the the A series tweeter has a Faraday ring that the Celestion 5 model does not. JUst replace the housing. Look for another thread to see how I replaced it.
I have no idea if this will be helpful but dont alot of guys get speaker replacements from a plce called Madisound?Good luck,Bob
I have now successfully replaced the three bar tweeters on my A3s with drivers built up from Celestion 3s. I have put on extra ring magnets to act as Faraday rings, and they sound better than the originals! Power handling is amazing. The Celestion 3s 5s and 7s all use tweeters that have the same titanium dome/diaphragm as the A series, but a different magnet assembly and front. You can pick up a pair for next to nothing, and then take the tweeters to bits and reassemble using parts from the blown A series tweets. If you are careful, the resulrts are fantastic.