Celestion 5/Arcam Alpha - Will they work

I live in Bombay, India, and unfortunately not a lot of pure hi-fi is available here. Most folks are happy with 'Tokyo-by-night' mini-compos. Those that know the difference have to import paying huge customs duties. A friend has offered a pair of Celestion 5s and an Arcam 6+ for around $600. He lives in another city and before I travel down there to lend a ear, I was wondering what you guys thought of how they may work together. Thanks in advance. Raghu.
The Arcam and Celestions should be a decent match. They are both of English origin, leaning towards musicality, pace and rythm, etc. While other components may offer a little more resolution for similar price range, they will also be less forgiving of recording quality. My personal tastes are towards music that is often not recorded very well, so I would whole heartedly recommend the above combo. I used to own Arcam and Celestions, though not at the same time. Have since upgraded to Naim and Epos.