Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band

Celebrating 50 years of the greatest southern rock,blues band.
In my CD Player now Live At Fillmore East digitally remastered
great music The Road Goes Forever. 
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I have been a fan since I first heard them and being from the south got to see them a lot as they were getting their roots and getting established, they were the best of the best. If you are a fan as well run don’t walk to get the never released on vinyl until recently, Johnny Jenkins/Ton Ton Macoute! This was an album intended for Greg Allman, he bailed on it just before recording it and that set up Johnny Jenkins to do the vocal with basically the core of the Allman Brothers Band and this thing is a gold mine, you can tell they knew exactly what they wanted to do and it was all in place even then. Looking back at this Album I bet Greg regretted bailing on it, he had to of, these songs and style had his name all over them. Check it out. Johnny Jenkins is one he’ll of a singer in his own wright, he and Greg were at least kindered spirits.
I remember reading the review in the old "Stereo Review" magazine (could have been "Audio"). The reviewer summarized by saying: "The Allman Brothers may not play traditional blues but they play blues the way I like it". Intrigued me enough to buy the record. The rest is history.

I saw them at Roosevelt University’s "Auditorium Theater" in Chicago on their first tour (around 1970). All band members were present and gave one heck of a show.

I remember being disappointed that Greg was seated behind his Hammond as my imagination pictured him standing at the mike writhing with tortured emotion (ala Joe Cocker-ish). Duane was playing the efficient front-man (when not shredding) and bass player Barry Oakley looked totally paranoid for some reason (like he’d never played in front of people).

Some neighborhood boys who were along were lucky enough to score front row center seats but I was happy with my 20 something row as I was sitting next to the girl of my dreams. Yes, quite a night...
…….for that short period of time when that Band had all of their original members, and it would be of my opinion that The Allman Brothers were probably the best band the US ever had. Their potential was endless and God only knows where it would have gone musically. The Rose Hill Cemetery curse …..????    
yes a great band with a real legacy of great work and influence
tooblue thanks for the tip just sampled it on amazon....great!  I had heard a Johnny Jenkins song on one of the Duane Allman Anthology albums way back but never went deeper.  Big AB fan here since early 70's.
I sit and think about the Allman Concerts I’ve been to.
Dayton Hara Areana 
Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH countless times
Cincinnati Riverfront Coleseum
Cincinnati Music Hall
my brother the biggest fan he has all their autographs except
Duane Allman.
@pehare , could not wait to brag about that album. Isn't it a 💎.
I was fortunate enough to have been able to catch the AB's at the Fillmore East during the engagement that produced the legendary live records.  Imagine, the Elvin Bishop Band (he had the Pointer Sisters singing back-up!) 3rd billing, Johnny Winter And 2nd billing, and the Allmans top billing!  S'funny, the original billing had the AB's 2nd to Winter, but I distinctly recall the Allmans coming on last.  Didn't happen during my set but I read during the late show's that Elvin, Johnny, & Rick joined Duane & Dickie for a late night jam.  Man, sometimes the music at the Fillmore just seemed to levitate!  The best of times!!!;)
@tooblue : I bought the Johnny Jenkins "Ton Ton Macoutes" LP (original pressing) two years ago! Certainly rare! And I saw the Allman Brothers in concert in Vancouver, 1973!
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@mental , don't short change Greg, he was the other "man" in that equation and his solo stuff right up to his last album was awesome. Just thought the other night that the talent in that family was incredible. Do p/u that Johnny Jenkins album you will enjoy it. Believe  Elusive Disc still has some copys.
@robertjerman, I am jelous that you have been enjoying that album for two years.
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@mental , not sure that I new who I was yet back then. If you know what I mean? Growing up in S Louisiana enjoying the band’s of our area such as The Meters, Dr. John, Sir Douglas Quartet w/ Doug Sahm and all the great Zydaco with Clifton Chenier, Major Handy and the such as well as a little later with ZZ Top which showed up a lot I was in heaven. Walked into a little bar in New Orleans called Ziggys, right under the Clayborn overpass on Canal one eve, a party of 7 to 8 couples were getting ready to get on the party riverboat on the river end of canal and dine drink and listen to the band’s as it cruised the river till 3:00 am but there was a glitch, a band calling them selves the Tops were playing and we couldn’t leave that place, later that same year they did their first album of course as ZZTop. Glad we stuck around.
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I consider the Fillmore East album the best live rock recording ever made. I once saw the Allman Brothers (both of them) in Johnson City TN. They were second billed to Goose Creek Symphony. This was about 1970 or 71
I hope to see and buy a 50th Super (Deluxe) Boxed Set to celebrate this historic occasion.  Happy Listening!