Ceiling fan in listening room?

Hi all,

Not sure if Tech Talk is the best forum to post this question, but would appreciate any comments / recommendations from our group. My listening room is in our below ground level  basement. Routing air conditioning to the space is not practical, and I am looking for alternatives to provide ventilation. Does anyone have any recommendations on or experience with use of a ceiling fan in a listening room?  Naturally I am concerned with the interaction of the fan's air circulation and the speaker output. Thanks in advance for any  input!
The fan is not a problem with dynamic speakers,  Magnepans and most ESLs. Ribbons however can be a real problem. Air movement use to make my Apogee Diva mid range and tweeter ribbons flutter. Magnepan's tweeter is supported throughout it's length. 
Deleted. I’ve apparently already answered this earlier. 
I have a tube system and it's next to window so I took a furnace duct, vent fan to pull the heat out of the room when it's really hot outside over the summer.  I had to add a speed controller to get it quiet enough, not ideal but I only do it over the summer.  I'm usually pushing 90 db at my listening location so it takes allot of ambient noise to over come it.

Get some B&W 802D3