Ceiling fan in listening room?

Hi all,

Not sure if Tech Talk is the best forum to post this question, but would appreciate any comments / recommendations from our group. My listening room is in our below ground level  basement. Routing air conditioning to the space is not practical, and I am looking for alternatives to provide ventilation. Does anyone have any recommendations on or experience with use of a ceiling fan in a listening room?  Naturally I am concerned with the interaction of the fan's air circulation and the speaker output. Thanks in advance for any  input!
I have a similar basement set up, with central air in the rest of the house.  I find that if I keep the basement door open (just a bit) when I'm not using it, the cool, dry air eventually works its way to the basement. I rarely see more than 70F down there, but if it becomes a little uncomfortable, a small fan in the corner of the room provides just enough air flow.  I can barely hear it from my listening position and I find it is not a bother when listening to music.
Mine's quieter that the air conditioning but it develops a clicking sound that means it has to stop.  I don't notice it chopping up the music.
Thanks for the comment. My major concern has been interference, or "chop", so am encouraged to know that may not be a problem. Plan to install next month, so will update afterward.
What you want is a VRF ( variable refrigerant flow) Mitsubishi unit. Its
a cassette unit that mounts on your wall. No ductwork required. Dead silent and the condenser can be located up to 1000 feet away. 
I’m wondering if fans on the wall behind the speakers facing toward the listener would improve the sound by giving the air molecules a jump start. Kind of like the SteinMusic Harmonizer, activating the air molecules and making the propagation of acoustic waves through the air more efficient. The medium is the message.