Ceiling fan in listening room?

Hi all,

Not sure if Tech Talk is the best forum to post this question, but would appreciate any comments / recommendations from our group. My listening room is in our below ground level  basement. Routing air conditioning to the space is not practical, and I am looking for alternatives to provide ventilation. Does anyone have any recommendations on or experience with use of a ceiling fan in a listening room?  Naturally I am concerned with the interaction of the fan's air circulation and the speaker output. Thanks in advance for any  input!
A ceiling fan is terrific energy efficient and it helps and many fans can be quite quiet.

The best for real cooling is a split ductless which often have a quiet mode and can really cool down a room, these tend to be $1k-3k with installation but the joy of a cold quiet room can not be measured.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Just get one that can be run real slow and silent. When it gets hot I use a Vornado on low speed on the floor. Takes the cool air off the floor, makes a gentle breeze, can barely hear it. If your room is quiet (which it should be) then there are no truly silent fans and it all comes down to which one you think is worth the money.
Thanks for the inputs! I expect that I will try a fan to see how that works out. Seems the "least painful" first step. I'll post further comment after the installation.
A very low frequency generator in your own room. Cool.
I use an air conditioner. Problem solved.