Cedia Expo

I recently became aware of the Cedia Expo in Indy from Sept. 8-12. I don't know much about this show, but understand that it is THE show for home theatre and high definition video and surround. Anybody know much about it or planning to attend?
If you are into video, CEDIA is a very good place to visit. It is not nearly the zoo as is CES in the main convention halls. It is particularly good for someone interested in installation -- lots of very professional people showing installation tools, in-wall wiring, etc. It was easier to get into demos of theater set-ups and projectors, etc. at CEDIA.

BUT, there was very little in the way of audio equipment, other than theater-type set-ups (in-wall speakers, etc.). The other reason to attend CEDIA are the classes that are conducted during the show (which I did not attend).

Also, the after-hours entertainment possibilities in Indianapolis are a wee bit more limited than Vegas.
Thanks for your respons Larryi. I have attended CES shows since the early 70s, although not recently, but knew nothing about Cedia. Sounds quite different than CES. My brother is presently building a home entertainment system, which prompted my post. Perhaps someone could talk Albert Porter into covering the show. I missed the last Vegas CES but felt closer than I would have imagined after following his photo spread.

What about it Albert?
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