CEDIA 2016

What are your thoughts of CEDIA 2016?
I met Richard Schram of Parasound today. Great guy! Talked a little audio. I own his CD1 CD player. I also stopped by LG and SONY to check out the new TV's. I heard MQA on the new MYTEK Brooklyn DAC. I was impressed. This is just for starters I'm going back for for more today!
Hi Calvin,

I have e-mailed Richard, he is a nice guy.

The Mytek Brooklyn DAC, which I own, is very nice sounding, regardless of format played. I listen to everything from Netflix, Redbook CD and DSD on it.

I have done some listening with MQA vs. non, and am completely unimpressed by MQA. See the discussion on MQA in the Music section. If you go back I have a small request. See if you can get some info on any tracks that are good for A/B comparison that are FREE. I may have more time to listen later next week.

Also, please be aware that a lot of the MQA demonstration material are re-mixes, so it's good to ask what you are listening to.


I will be stopping by one more time tomorrow.  The people at Parasound are great!  Richard was nice helpful and engaging. He treated everyone I saw him meet with interest and respect.  I own the Parasound CD1. The Halo integrated is very intriguing. I will see if I can get more info on the MQA stuff. I also stopped by the MBL room. It was a smooth non-fatiguing sound. Impressive. I also stopped by Golden Ear. It was  just Ok. I stopped by the Denon/Marantz theater room.  I really liked it. Great stuff for Home Theater. I stopped in on High Fidelity Cables. Rick Schultz is working on new innovations as usual.  I'm really enjoying checking out all the new stuff.
@calvinj Were you able to do more listening?


I listened to the kef blade but it wasnt in a listening room. It was hooked up with hegel 360. It was not in the right listening enviorment. That's about it!  
@erik_squires Got a Parasound integrated to run my home theater set up as my pass through amp so I don't burn my tubes up in my KR audio. It's sounds great so far.  For the price and features it's really good. Really happy. Dac, phono, integrated, usb, optical, sub input etc. Dac inside of if is smooth. It allows me to change my set ups.

That's fabulous @calvinj I'm glad you like it. :) I've never had a bad experience with a Parasound, though there's been a product here or there I wish was priced differently. :)


I finishing up my system. I needed it to run my pass through.  I'm also getting a lumin d1 and L1 to do my streaming audio then I'm set for a while.  I have the parasound cd1 CD player and resonesssence mirus Dac.  Im happy with the set up. I got everything covered once I get that.  
I'm excited about trying a server. Heard the Lumin was really smooth.