CED movies on vinyl ever heard of this technology?

I had a friend call me said he had 100s of movies on disc and 2 players.Thought he had lazer discs but nooo.. CED capacitance electronic discs.thought it was kind of cool so picked it up .Both players work and the discs too.The sound is quite good, pic ok .like a old VCR.Have to use it on my line doubling TV to get best pic.Just wondering if others have heard of or used CED .Thxs for your time .JK
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There were 3 different competing video disc formats back in the early '80's. Two used some kind of capacitance pick-up, with the discs sealed into a protective jacket. The whole assembly (jacket and disc) was inserted into the machine, and the disc then played. These WERE NOT read by a laser, but were instead tracked by some type of arm which read capacitance changes. I believe that these systems were produced by RCA and Magnavox, and were not compatible with each other. The third system was by Pioneer, which was a true laser read format. It could also play CD's. The first 2 formats were inferior, died a quick death,. and almost took the Pioneer system along in the death spiral! The laser disc format went into high gear in the '90's, with thousands of titles being released. Improvements such as true 5.1 (also know as Dolby Digital and AC-3, as well as a few DTS discs), THX sound certification, and full screen (letterbox) were some of the innovations of the laser disc format. I believe that the video was analog, with most of the titles after '96 having a digital soundtrack. The good LD players have both a Toslink and RCA digital output, so that the audio (stereo only) can be decoded by an outboard DAC. The CED was an inferior system compared to LD, and movie released on CED will be very limited. Sadly, DVD spelled the end to LD (the last releases were in 2000 or 2001). The American public needed a better format than VHS (Beta was killed by Sony's own idiotic marketing strategy, even though it was a superior format over VHS, for several reasons). But the public at large wouldn't accept the bulky laser discs that had to be turned over mid-play (they were 2 sided, and the size of an LP [12"] and MUCH heavier), although a premium machine had two lasers to read both sides without physically flipping the disc. But there was still about a 5 second delay for the machine to begin playing the second side. Also, there were VERY few LD rental outlets! LD's played in two modes: CAV (constant angular velocity) where the speed of the rotating disc remained constant, and CLV (constant linear velocity) where the speed of rotation changed. CAV presented a better quality picture, and the scan functions, as well as the slow or fast motion play modes, were cleaner than CLV. The problem being that in the CAV mode, maximum play time was 20 minutes per side, vs. 60 minutes in CLV. Some movie were released in both CLV, as well as CAV for collectors and movie buffs! Some CAV versions needed 6 discs for a lengthy movie! I remember there were a couple of early machines that could hold 2 discs for automatically playing 4 sides. The first DVD's, as I recall, looked pretty crappy! The encoding format needed for digitizing the picture, gave results that looked like a colorized B&W movie...pastel colors that didn't have the vibrancy of LD's. Me, I'm still very happy with my Pioneer Elite CLD-79, and never got into DVD!
I remember them. Collectors items now, and only a novelty when the players and the bulky plastic-encased disk were introduced.
Fat parrot ,Thxs for the reply .CED players are so easy to use just insert disc the player turns on and loads .Also easy to clean or change the styles.I have arround a 160 movies on CED.Some movies use 2 discs but most just 1 ,dont need to flip discs only on 1 side.I mostly use the movies as wieghts to keep my tot from tipping over my bookselfs.lol.But sometimes break them out for a laugh [many old 70s swinger titles]take care and happy listening .JK
There's a website (if you do a search, you should be able to find it) that lists all of the CEDs ever produced, and their collectible value. There's also a forum for people to swap'n'sell them, etc.

Fat Parrot:
Very informative narrative for the masses. I have about 130 LDs myself and I still use my player. A line doubler helps a lot, but the picture quality can't touch DVD. It's okay to give in now buddy;-) it's been about six or seven years now, you won't lose face if you try DVD. You don't even have to come back and tell us about it ro admit, just do it for yourself!!