CEC Who are they?


Could someone tell me what CEC stands for and the name of the company that makes CEC products if different from the product initials?


Challenging questions you pose. I can give a partial answer.

C.E.C. products are made by the Chuo Denki Company in Japan, unless I am mistaken. Their website is www.cec-web.co.jp As the site is in Japanese, I suspect that the initials C.E.C. might be anglicized from Japanese.
I was told a while back that CEC is made by Sanyo Optronics.
Unless they change hands recently.
A translation of various parts of the CEC website suggests that the company may have been a subsidiary or affiliate of Sanyo Electric well before Chuo Denki's audio business was transferred to Sanyo Optronics Ltd. (Sanyo Electric Co.'s optical drive division) in 1996. The audio business was transferred to Sanyo Mediatec in 1999 and was then made "independent" in 2000. It is not clear what "independent" means (it could be that it is a separate company with different owners than previously, or it could mean simply that they put a capital structure around it which was different than Sanyo Mediatec's - if I had to bet, I'd say the latter, and that the shareholder is still Sanyo).

I took a look at it because for some reason I thought there had been an association with Kyocera at some point but I can find no reference anywhere that such was ever the case...
Anyone knows who distributes CEC in Canada ? Thanks,
Try here for the Canadian distributors of CEC.
Thanks, these posts are helpful.

I have heard CEC integrateds and transports and was quite pleased with the analog softness they created. I was not surprised to learn from T bone's link that CEC have an analog background.

I wasn't sure how I'd noted they had an analog background but originally (in the 1950s), Chuo Denki manufactured turntable motors, and later (later in the 1950s) manaufactured turntables on an OEM basis.
I have a Parasound CDP-2000 Ultra CD player which contains a CEC belt-drive transport and has been widely praised for its excellent, analog-like sound. I think it has superb sound (although the belt-drive transport does have its annoying idiosyncrasies: navigating around amongst tracks is slow and cumbersome).
T Bone

It was the link to the Mutine web site that you provided which outlined CEC's background in analog.