CEC Transport

I am looking for a new transport and have a few concerns. 1. Today there are few good new sub 3000.00 transports available. 2. If I purchase a used CEC 1 or 2 where will I have the unit repaired? I figure that Parasound will stop servicing them in the near future, they have not sold them for years. I e-mailed CEC and never heard back so I assume they are not reliable? 3. The Sonic Frontiers used transports seem to all have been repaired or in need of repair in the near future. Where do you have SF repaired?

Any thoughts on a transport that you know will stand the test of time and can be repaired in the next 5 years new or used. Thanks for your time Jeff
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Jeff the cec transport I have is very very reliable.
For repair ask audio advisor.
Mutine is taking over distribution of CEC. They're coming out with new models too. They have something on their web site about handling repairs from older CEC transports too.

I've had the TL-1 for over four years and have never had a single problem with it, even though it has really seen a lot of use. It's an excellent transport which lets you forget you're listening to digital.
IMO, Muse or Theta will be around for some time.
I bought my CEC TL-1 new 4 years ago and it is beautiful ...no problems so far......you should hear the CEC TL-0, it could be better than.....ahhhhh..I'll leave it there
Parts Connexion (http://www.partsconnexion.com) in Toronto, Canada, which is owned and operated by the founder of Sonic Frontiers, will perform repairs and mods on Sonic Frontiers, Anthem and Assemblage gear (all from the same corporate family).
Mutine seems to be saying a warranty through the previous N. American distributor is not a warranty. Something sounds vague, shady and possibly illegal here. For example, they don't say whether the previous distributor will be offering CEC reimbursed warranty repairs or not. (I don't know if that refers to audioadvisor as well or not.)


Warranty follow-up

1) For C.E.C. products sold by us, we offer a two years' warranty.
2) For C.E.C. products purchased locally from the previous distributor in North-America, we will provide after-sales service at our usual very reasonable charges in our U.S. and Canadian Service Centers.
3) For C.E.C. products purchased outside North-America, please contact your foreign supplier.