CEC TL51XZ cd player

Who can tell me somenthing about this integrated cd player???? I cannot find reviews about it!
Thanks guys.
I own the CEC TL51Z and find it to be an excellent player. It has a very black background and terrific imaging. Its strength is in the midrange.
There is a review at
there is now a review at Stereotimes.com
CEC TL-51XZ review. Enjoy
I had a listen to this unit last night at a retail store run by a very nice guy named Rob (Applause Audio). In his reference showroom(back of the store), 1/2 hour prior closing, he turned off the fan and plugged in my dAck DAC using his analog cables(???). I'm not sure if it was the transport, amp(Audiomat) or speakers(Equation 25) but what came forth was a completely detailed but natural rendering of a recording of music from Norah Jone's "Feels like Home".

My problem is the music cut out after about 20 seconds but Rob plugged in his reference DAC for the rest of the evening. A tad less magic (I think) but Rob told me to come back one day after hours for a good listen...can't wait.